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Apache ServiceMix intro

Apache ServiceMix ( is a great integration container that makes processing and transforming data from different sources easy. For example, if you need to constantly poll a directory for a CSV file and then process it into the database, Apache ServiceMix makes that process easy to create.

List of supported ServiceMix endpoints.

This is a quick cheat sheet on how to set-up and use Apache ServiceMix. The sample project will show how to use Apache ServiceMix.

1.) Download the default or full assembly at the ServiceMix download page.
2.) Uncompress it into any directory. The rest of the document will refer to this directory as /SERVICEMIX_DIR

      gunzip apache-servicemix.tar.gz
   tar xvf apache-servicemix.tar

1.) From a command prompt, go to directory /SERVICEMIX_DIR/bin

         cd /SERVICEMIX_DIR/bin
2.) Run command


Deploying App
To deploy app, just copy the physical application into the directory /SERVICEMIX_DIR/deploy

That will automatically deploy the app.

Command Line Console
To connect to a local ServiceMix server with the command line console, use the command

./client -a 8101 -h localhost -u smx -p smx

(These are the default settings for ServiceMix)

You will see a screen like

Web Console
The ServiceMix web console is not activated by default. To activate it for the first time, log into the command line console. Then from the ServiceMix console prompt, type the command

features:install webconsole

Then from a web browser, go to the URL http://localhost:8181/system/console

To log out of the command line console without stopping ServiceMix, type in the command


To shutdown ServiceMix from the command line console, type in the command

osgi:shutdown now

ServiceMix can also be shut down from the operating system shell with the command


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